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FOLIGAIN Triple Action Conditioner For Thinning Hair For Men with 2% Trioxidil - FOLIGAIN


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Based on 3880 reviews

A minoxidil brand certainly more accessible than the average price on the market, fast shipping, 2/3 days

It is still difficult to say if it works or not in regrowth or in blocking the progress of hair loss, at least I have seen a slowdown in hair loss

I've been taking it for years. Would highly recommend this product!

The hair really grows back and prevents falling out again but you have to do the treatment regularly

Great product that is easy to apply

I have the feeling that something is good

Excellent product, with significant results.

Affordable minoxidil is surprising hard to source in the UK so thank goodness for foligain! I was impressed how quickly it came too considering it was shipped from mainland Europe. I used to buy Kirkland minoxidil off eBay but there are a lot of fakes going around. It's reassuring knowing this is genuine product.

Since using it, I have noticed that my hair, which was getting thinner and thinner, has regained thickness. Now, I stopped using 5% minoxidil, which I had been using for ten years and which no longer gave the same results.

Product arrived very fast, excellent finish of packaging and bottle, easy to apply. results are not yet felt because it is a long-term treatment. but I still trust in the quality of the product.

The hair feels very good when washed and has a pleasant smell. But I have to try it several times to be able to say something about hair growth.

Very fast delivery!

They delivered very fast and the product is exactly as described! very reliable (I'm in New Zealand)


all works well


Große Vitamine!

Wonderful product. At a very nice price! 5 Stars!

For me and on the part of my wife we can confirm that with the regular use of Foligain tablets in combination with Minoxidil you will stimulate the growth of thick and healthy hair. If the baldness is not too severe we can definitely recommend them.

I had a lot of hair loss and had therefore worn my hair very short for a long time. Then I came across the Folgain series about two years ago and first took Folgain for about 9 months to thicken my hair. Now about 18 months later I am on the Foligain Biotin Cure. I now have shoulder-length thick healthy hair. Even my hairdresser is delighted. I'm happy.

I love all the products, they're wonderful!

Good product, if you follow instructions, in three months you see results!! Recommended!

The product has a cool purpose, but I think it should have slightly larger needles.

Very good product, it really works, you can buy without fear.

I've been using the product for over a year, I can't say I've seen miraculous effects, but at least I don't seem to notice any worsening which is already a good result